Super Airik the Cleric (1.7) Close to Release

A super update for Airik the Cleric is on the way late in the season. Breakerbox Games has been working on some of the important actions that improve upon the world of Airik. Compatibility and new features are some highlights.

I would like to thank everyone for your support! We'll keep you updated!


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Airik the Cleric 2

As you might already have known, Airik 2 full version has been in development and is set to release a little earlier than planned, which is this August. Airik 2 brings the story along and has all new abilities and locations! The game is now available for pre-order and it includes the Airik 1 expansion pack. Both games will feature non-synth full voice over acting and the brand new automatic scouting!

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Airik the Cleric (Available Now!)

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More news coming soon about the new Airik Games and the adventure kit! Stay tuned.